[server] Time to build a server with old hardware.

[server] Time to build a server with old hardware.

My home/small(very) business system stores all its information on a D-Link NAS. This is an old piece of kit using SMB1; I think I bought it about 2014 so it doesn’t owe me anything. Release 20 of Ubuntu has discontinued support for SMB1, however, and although I managed a work around in XUbuntu 20.04 it’s clunky at best. Last week I got a laptop back from maintenance and they had re-installed Windows. It turned out that the latest Windows 10 also has SMB1 turned off, and although it was relatively easy to turn it back on, I would say the writing is on the wall. Now is probably time to build a server.

I have an old full tower case with one of the last Intel chips before the I series. I last had it running about a couple of years ago, when it handled either Ubuntu or XUbuntu just fine.

My problem is that my knowledge of communications protocols is next to non-existent. Actually putting the thing together and loading the Linux software are things I can handle, but I have the feeling I may get into deep water shortly after that, so I have an initial list of questions:

1. Is the idea of building and running a server something that a reasonably bright but technically inept old git should be able to accomplish with help:
2. Are there people out there who are willing to help me, because I don’t think it’s something I would be able to do on my own:
3. Is the hardware I currently have likely to work as a server, given that demands on it will be low and I will be willing to spend money on an upgrade once it is successful;
4. Is there something I should be spending money on up-front;
5. Given that it will be accessed by both Windows and Linux, what communications protocols should I be looking at.

Thanks in advance.

Phil B


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