[server] No ping only with Windows, but it works with Ubuntu (Dual boot)

[server] No ping only with Windows, but it works with Ubuntu (Dual boot)

I have three PCs with Dual boot Win10Pro and Xubuntu 18/20
I then have a Raspberry Pi4 with Ubuntu Server 20.04.

Two PCs have two network cards and Wi-Fi. A PC has a network card and Wi-Fi.
All connections are active.

If from a PC in Windows I PING the other two I can get the address of all the cards and all the Wi-Fi.
And I can get the addresses whether the other two PCs are in Windows or if they are in Xubuntu.
So PING works, both in Windows and in Xubuntu.

On the Raspberry then things change.
If the PCs are on Windows I can’t ping.
If the PCs are in Xubuntu, pinging works.

I checked, the IP addresses are correct and, as I said above, in Windows PING work.
It is only from Raspberry that I cannot ping on Windows PC.


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