QEMU + KVM – most efficient settings, optimizations?

QEMU + KVM – most efficient settings, optimizations?

uys I am quite new to QEMU + KVM stack, so my questions may seem stupid for someone more experienced, But I have honestly tried to search all of this online, and most of the articles that I found were about initial configuration, not about fine tuning for getting maximum performance.
What are the most efficient settings to set up the VM hypervisor? My guess is that for disk devices and network cards the best is way to set Virtio type and install corresponding drivers on the client OS?
What about CPU? Is this line necessarily? Will it be better just to delete all of this Skylake-Client and get QEMU virtual CPU? Does it simply create additional level of virtualization with obvious performance losses?
What exactly placement=’static’ does?





What is the best way to run multiple cores (Not sockets) for windows clients? Because, as we all will know desktop versions of windows operation system could not work with more that 2 cpu sockets! Will that be enough? Won’t I eventually run out of the “real” cores on the host PC?


is it really beneficial for some really demanding task to configure passtrough?
Are there any additional secrets how to configure my virtual machines in more efficient way?
Has “Ballooning” feature ever been properly implemented? Or it in the test state? So my virtual machines will consume exactly of amount of memory allocated to them nothing more nothing less?
What is the difference between these two lines? Is it somehow related to the “Ballooning” feature?




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