Printer Ports

Printer Ports


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Common Printer port settings are as follows:

LPT Port     I/O Address
  LPT1           378
  LPT2           278
  LPT3           3BC

Compaq Servers have the following Parallel Port Setup:

LPT Port     I/O Address
  LPT1           3BC
  LPT2           378
  LPT3           278

So whenever setting up printer ports, be sure to either make the operating system use the address that the Compaq printer port is using, or change the Compaq hardware to use a different printer port (to change the addres to match your software).

Communication Ports

Common communication port settings:

COM Port     I/O Address     IRQ
  COM1           3F8          4
  COM2           2F8          3
  COM3           3E8          4
  COM4           2E8          3
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