Phantom SSD after upgrade

Phantom SSD after upgrade

I have a System76 desktop, a few years old, that came with two 250G Samsung SSD drives, one with Ubuntu installed and an extra one for additional data. The motherboard is by Gigabyte. The main UUIDs ended as follows (last four digits shown):


Location    Label      UUID
    /dev/sda2    Ubuntu  e32b
    /dev/sdb2    MoreData 7a3c

Recently I decided to upgrade the root device to a 500G WD Blue SSD. I installed a fresh copy of Ubuntu 20.04 on this device and it works properly. It has /home split out to a separate partition. I connected it in place of the “Ubuntu” SSD, however it is showing up as being at /dev/sdb instead of /dev/sda as I expected.

I still want access to the “MoreData” device, which is still connected on the same cable it was always on. However, all the tools that display device characteristics (“blkid -c /dev/null”, “Disks”, etc) show this arrangement:


Location    Label      UUID
    /dev/sda2    Ubuntu  e32b
    /dev/sdb3    NewRoot  d8b0
    /dev/sdb6    NewHome  2510

The “Ubuntu” SSD is physically disconnected and removed. I have it sitting on my desk. Yet the system thinks it is still installed and does NOT show the MoreData device 7a3c as being present at all. The NewRoot partition is indeed the system that is running and “/” points there.

Any attempts to mount whatever /dev/sda2 is give no error message but do not in fact mount anything. This one line appears in dmesg:

[ 1767.349944] EXT4-fs (sda2): mounted filesystem with ordered data mode. Opts: (null)

If I then try to unmount it, I get
umount: /dev/sda2: not mounted.

How do I force the new system, or the BIOS, to refresh its idea of what disks are really connected? I have rebooted several times.


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