Here we will walk through setting up a new server and explain what is going on along the way

The goals of this document will be to set up date and time, hostname, dhcp server, dns server (with DDNS), and mail server. Date and time is very important to set up: date.html Hostname is equally important to set up properly: hostname.html DHCP server instructions are here: dhcpd.html DNS (named / bind) instructions are here: … Read more

Using pump in Linux

Pump requests an ip address from a DHCP server. Here are several pump commands for managing dhcp ip addresses. Pump can be used to request, release, or give status on dhcp responses. pump -i eth0 –status Check the status / get details of dhcp on eth0 pump -i eth0 –release Release dhcp IP on eth0 … Read more

DHCPD Quick Setup Instructions

Sample of how to set up DHCPD server on Red Hat 7.0 Copy over the sample dhcpd.conf file cp /usr/share/doc/dhcp-2.0pl5/dhcpd.conf.sample /etc/dhcpd.conf Edit /etc/dhcpd.conf Here’s a copy of the unmodified sample: subnet netmask { # — default gateway option routers; option subnet-mask; option nis-domain “”; option domain-name “”; option domain-name-servers; option … Read more

Linux and Memory

Determining if your entire memory is being detected: Use one of the following commands: Use the “free” command free Check in /proc/meminfo cat /proc/meminfo Use the “dmesg” command dmesg Check what the kernel displays on boot up After the kernel loads, press Shift+PgUp and/or Shift+PgDn to view previous screen messages. The memory messages is at … Read more

Manual NIC Setup

Manually setting up a network interface. This can come in handy if you need networking but don’t have any network scripts to rely upon. Setting up a NIC manually is no big deal, so here’s how to do it. Setting up a Static IP load the network driver insmod your_drivername Set up your local loopback … Read more

Installing Linux on a Compaq PL4500

The PL4500 is about the only server I can think of that Linux cannot use the embedded SCSI controller. What this means is that the PL4500 will work with Linux, but you will have to put in a controller card that Linux supports. Ok, let’s make it unmistakably clear that: 1) Linux will install and … Read more

Compiling The Linux Kernel

This is the new Kernel Section (May 2001) and at least the kernel building part is finally completed out in a nice looking manner. The old kernel section has needed help for so long that I decided to finally redo the page correctly. Here it is, enjoy! Required Packages Note: The correct required packages will … Read more

How to PDF Documents in Linux

Using ps2pdf in Linux There is a Linux utility called ps2pdf which will convert from a PostScript file to PDF format. The syntax for using ps2pdf is as follows: ps2pdf output.pdf You can convert a document to PostScript from Windows by installing a non-existing PostScript printer which prints to file. Using Windows and Linux … Read more

RedHat Serial Port Console Install

Terminology Machine #1, for these instructions, will be running Windows or Linux and will run a terminal program from which we will control the installation on Machine #2. Machine #2, for these instructions, is the machine where we will be installing Linux to, but we will be controlling the install through the serial port. Step … Read more