Using pump in Linux

Pump requests an ip address from a DHCP server. Here are several pump commands for managing dhcp ip addresses. Pump can be used to request, release, or give status on dhcp responses. pump -i eth0 –status Check the status / get details of dhcp on eth0 pump -i eth0 –release Release dhcp IP on eth0 … Read more

DHCPD Quick Setup Instructions

Sample of how to set up DHCPD server on Red Hat 7.0 Copy over the sample dhcpd.conf file cp /usr/share/doc/dhcp-2.0pl5/dhcpd.conf.sample /etc/dhcpd.conf Edit /etc/dhcpd.conf Here’s a copy of the unmodified sample: subnet netmask { # — default gateway option routers; option subnet-mask; option nis-domain “”; option domain-name “”; option domain-name-servers; option … Read more

Linux and Memory

Determining if your entire memory is being detected: Use one of the following commands: Use the “free” command free Check in /proc/meminfo cat /proc/meminfo Use the “dmesg” command dmesg Check what the kernel displays on boot up After the kernel loads, press Shift+PgUp and/or Shift+PgDn to view previous screen messages. The memory messages is at … Read more

Manual NIC Setup

Manually setting up a network interface. This can come in handy if you need networking but don’t have any network scripts to rely upon. Setting up a NIC manually is no big deal, so here’s how to do it. Setting up a Static IP load the network driver insmod your_drivername Set up your local loopback … Read more

Installing Linux on a Compaq PL4500

The PL4500 is about the only server I can think of that Linux cannot use the embedded SCSI controller. What this means is that the PL4500 will work with Linux, but you will have to put in a controller card that Linux supports. Ok, let’s make it unmistakably clear that: 1) Linux will install and … Read more

Compiling The Linux Kernel

This is the new Kernel Section (May 2001) and at least the kernel building part is finally completed out in a nice looking manner. The old kernel section has needed help for so long that I decided to finally redo the page correctly. Here it is, enjoy! Required Packages Note: The correct required packages will … Read more

How to PDF Documents in Linux

Using ps2pdf in Linux There is a Linux utility called ps2pdf which will convert from a PostScript file to PDF format. The syntax for using ps2pdf is as follows: ps2pdf output.pdf You can convert a document to PostScript from Windows by installing a non-existing PostScript printer which prints to file. Using Windows and Linux … Read more

RedHat Serial Port Console Install

Terminology Machine #1, for these instructions, will be running Windows or Linux and will run a terminal program from which we will control the installation on Machine #2. Machine #2, for these instructions, is the machine where we will be installing Linux to, but we will be controlling the install through the serial port. Step … Read more

Network File Copy using SSH

Please note that &&, ||, and -, are documented at the bottom of this page. PUSH: ssh target_address cat <localfile “>” remotefile ssh target_address cat <localfile – “>” remotefile cat localfile | ssh target_address cat “>” remotefile cat localfile | ssh target_address cat – “>” remotefile dd if=localfile | ssh target_address dd of=remotefile ssh target_address … Read more

Installing Linux on the Compaq Original Smart Array Controller

Identifying a Compaq Original Smart Array Controller A Compaq Original Smart Array Controller can be identified because it will have one of the following numbers on it: Vendor ID Device ID Name Spare # Assembly # Option # 110e 2040 Smart Array Controller (EISA) 142130-001 002969-001 142055-001 110e 2040 Smart Array Controller (EISA) 181132-001 003596-001 … Read more