overheating + related concerns

overheating + related concerns

New ubuntu user here
I have switched to the default gnome 3 ubuntu after pop!_OS sent my cpu up to 96°C while installing packages and other high temperatures, and budgie failed to get my nvidia card to work.
The nvidia card works now, but I know that they tend to be problematic and that may be involved.
Now my issues are a battery life of 3 hours rather than 8 on windows, higher than usual cpu temperature, and the computer always failing to boot during restarts. I have to stare at the Asus logo for 20 minutes if I try to restart and force a shutdown, but powering on and waking from sleep work fine.
BIOS and other firmware was updated a week ago under windows, just a couple days before testing linux, and nearly everything other than the things I’ve mentioned work well right now.
A friend thinks it’s probably an issue with firmware communicating with the kernel.


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