[other] How to install email encryption using chrome

[other] How to install email encryption using chrome

I am trying to set up encrypted email communications with my son. I have installed Enigmail on my Xubuntu 18.04 Thunderbird email program and it seems to work fine. I can send encrypted emails from one of my mailboxes to another of my mailboxes with no problem. However, my son uses chrome (under windows) to read/write his email. I googled “using chrome to read/write encrypted email” and got back a variety of possible solutions. Some of these were: S/MIME, FlowCrypt, Secure Mail for Gmail Extension, SendSafely, SafeGmail, etc.
I would like my son’s encrypted email to work like Enigmail (Thunderbird) works.
1. It works with any email provider (gmail, hotmail, mediacom, etc)
2. I would like to be able to send him my public key and have his system install it; and I would like him to be able to send me his public key and I install it.
3. I would like both of us to use a secure signing system using our private keys.
4. I would like him to be able to continue to use chrome for his email access.

I am sure many of you know exactly how to get chrome to support encrypted email, but I am struggling.
Any help appreciated………


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