New user, yes…Help!

New user, yes…Help!

Hi, I have the difficult to understand what is the purpose of this OS for me.

1. The first installation went well, until I’d clicked update, I let it run, minutes later is asking me to restart, I did. The encryption password for my home folder is NULL,that is not Existed. I reinstalled Ubuntu.

2. No encrypted pass or administration pass. I choose not to click the updates. I looked up for WINE app inside “Ubuntu software”
I did the installation, after that a warning appeared “there this internal error, restart the computer”
But the computer have no intention to restart, what I’ve seen is a black screen with light at the back.

3. I reinstalled Ubuntu, I tried to updates but is not going. My internet connection is fine. I went to install the updates one by one. All of them are stuck with “installing”, no orange bar is going. The computer is not freezing, but better to turn it off.

I have this Idea* that the Wanna Be Freemason is behind this (I was an ex internet activist), they did this manipulation to my phone for 1month, they continue following/monitoring me via IP.

Why I’m here is finding if I can go back to using Windows OS, burning the IOS from Ubuntu, similar to what I did from Rufus.exe.
I can’t search,since they manipulating the result from Google/duckduckgo. You can post the link if you know.


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