Motherboard boot screen appears while using Ubuntu

Motherboard boot screen appears while using Ubuntu


I just installed Ubuntu and within thirty minutes the motherboard boot screen (not sure what else to call it – MSI Krait MB, there’s an image of a snake and a message to press Del or F11 to enter setup or boot menu) appeared and I was unable to log back into the system. I rebooted several times, tried following a threads with advice on accessing GRUB (I was not able to open it using the shift key), changing boot mode to secure and several others items that I ran through quickly and didn’t note down because I was getting impatient.

I ended up re-installing the entire system and was up and running for over an hour, wishfully hoping that there was just some strange fluke. I created a new users account, selected “switch user” and was taken right back to the MSI boot screen in less than a second. I tried CTRL+ALT+function keys, nothing seemed to have an effect. I looked at video output from other graphics cards, nothing displayed (using one of the GeForce GTX cards, if that matters, I can get more information on it).

Is this a common issue (and if so, what terms should I use to refer to it?)

Does anyone have suggestions on what I should look into/try to prevent the problem from continuing to occur?




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