modifer keys have decided they want to randomly stick!

modifer keys have decided they want to randomly stick!


Howdy… I am having a bit of an issue with modifier keys. Specifically, ctrl and shift. Im using a thermal take RGB keyboard with Ubuntu 20.04 on a razer blade pro 2019 17″. Just yesterday I noticed the computer behaving as though the ctrl key was pressed. Eg I would try to type text and shortcuts would be activated instead. Searching on a different computer someone said to try pressing both ctrl keys simultaneously and release, to make sure the keyboard registered a clear event for both keys. This worked, but soon the stuck ctrl started up again, and then stuck shift after that. I opened “keyboard layout” to view the keys and interestingly, when ctrl is virtually “stuck” it is listed (left control) as being pressed. when shift it stuck the keyboard layout shows it as being pressed. also interestingly, the keys sometime flitter on and off. eg, they will flicker at a rate of something like 5-10 hertz i would estimate. then stay off or go on. so its not so much a case of them getting stuck on, but being able to both get turned on as well as off. i found a post in another forum suggesting a mouse could be the issue, eg, somehow the mouse winds up making the computer think a modifier key was pressed. i charged my bluetooth mouse and the problem appeared to go away for a while, but then happened again later (just 1 time though), so maybe it’s not that. i dont have any custom drivers installed. just whatever comes with ubuntu 20.04. never had this issue before, just started up yesterday, i havent installed any software recently. maybe it was due to the mouse? because it recurred only one time since i charged the bluetooth mouse and was…


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