[lubuntu] What happened to "Switch User" ?

[lubuntu] What happened to "Switch User" ?

Just did a fresh install of Lubuntu, Ubuntu 20.04.1 LTS (was running 18)

On my laptop (only) machine, I have always had two logins, one for me, one for my partner. This allows us to have separate password and bookmark configs in Firefox, and I also have her Desktop setup much simpler than mine.

Since I’m normally logged in, with multiple things running, my partner normally uses “switch user” so that she can log in, do what she needs to do (normally a little on-line banking), then log out leaving all my stuff in place.

The “Switch User” option has gone from the menu (now called the “leave” menu).

Is this deliberate feature-cide, or am I just loooking in the wrong place?



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