[lubuntu] Ugrade or new instalation for Lubuntu 20.04?

[lubuntu] Ugrade or new instalation for Lubuntu 20.04?

Hello Ubuntu community,

I have a computer running Lubuntu 18,04 and I would like to upgrade to Lubuntu 20.04. However, I read somewhere that upgrading from a LXDE to a LXQt desktop is not advisable because doing so could result in a broken system.
I this information true? Should I do a fresh installation instead of simple upgrade? Note that every time I install upgrades in my computer I receive a message from Ubuntu telling that Lubuntu 20,04 is available and that I should do an UPGRADE (not a fresh installation. This is a little bit confusing. I want to be sure that if I proceed with the upgrade I won’t have a broken system as a result.

Thank you very much for any information you can give me.

Bruno B. Zero


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