[kubuntu] MIDI Playback?

[kubuntu] MIDI Playback?

Hi guys!

I recently received my first MIDI keyboard. It’s a crappy Worlde Panda Mini. First thing for testing, I guess. It doesn’t come with its own speakers, and relies on other devices for audio rendering. I was getting a bit frustrated as I get basically nothing.
But then, I just tried to play a basic audio file, and that one also plays no sound whatsoever. I downloaded Kmidimon, and I can see the audio is supposed to be playing on the .mid file, but no audio comes out. Then I hit record, and I can see it’s actually also registering the keyboards keystrokes when I hit any. It’s just not rendering any audio. What should I do? I tried the procedure repeatedly shown on other places:
-Install/Open and Start Qjacktl, leave running
-Install/Open Qsynth. Choose Soundfont FluidR3_GM.sf2. Leave running
-Back on Qjactl, connect. On ALSA tab, Drag your instrument (it does show a 0:WORLDE MIDI 1) to 130:FLUID SYNTH.
-If you hit any key, you should get audio…But I get nothing.
I’m not sure it’s related to the audio server maybe? Or what else I might be doing wrong? Is Qjactl compatible with my distro’s audio server?

I’m currently running KDE Neon, not sure if it makes any difference regarding the audio server it uses.


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