[kubuntu] K3B won't label Songs, Album Name or Artist when ripping audio cd

[kubuntu] K3B won't label Songs, Album Name or Artist when ripping audio cd

I have been using K3B Version 17.12.3 on Xubuntu 18.04 to rip audio cd’s for the last few years. Recently I tried to rip some more cd’s, but k3b wouldn’t/ couldn’t find the artist, album name, or song names like it used to. I see in Settings>Configure K3b>CDDB that k3b uses freedb and MusicBrainz to look up this information. I also see that freedb has gone away (no more web site), but MusicBrainz is still there. Hence I unchecked the box to use freedb, but k3b still can’t find album name, etc. I tried File>New Project>New Audio Project, then ejected and reinserted the cd into the drive (the track numbers appeared) did a Select All (Ctrl-A), dragged all the tracks to the Audio Project window pane, clicked on the Query CDDB button and k3b found most of the meta information (Song name, artist; I didn’t Album title). So I know that k3b can find the info, but I can’t make it find the info, when ripping. Also Clementine finds all the information, but is very slow ripping. Hence I want to use k3b.

Any help in getting k3b to find meta information would be appreciated….


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