[kubuntu] Dolphin displaying to little free disk space

[kubuntu] Dolphin displaying to little free disk space


my SSD has about 100 GB free but Dolphin and df only show about 30. when I go into the trash folder it shows 75 GB. I had a full Drive after leaving siril running (it does stacking for astrophotography and needs alot of diskspace). when I deleted two Folders in Dolphin they didn’t move to trash and the free space remained at 0 B but they should have been less than the missing 70 GB. I would guess they were about 10 to 20 GB.
when i went to see the properties of my disk it said used space: 132,1 TiB (145.290.737.414.939). so that is just ridiculus for a 1TB ssd.
I have attached three screenshots


I am pretty new to linux and only now the most basic commands (I only found out about df today).

I am running Kubuntu 20.04 on an Acer Aspire V 15 with a Samsung 970EVO (I think. something similar by samsung evo at least).


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