Kodi auto-start

Kodi auto-start


Hello all I need some help with my Ubuntu Server 16.x to auto-start Kodi/XBMC, long story I made the server with 14.x and it auto-started fine, upgraded to 15.x had issues with the sound system that I have fixed, now it is currently on 16.x (with no upgrade path at the moment, as I cant wipe and load new OS due to movie library on same hdd) and here is where it gets interesting as I have been trying to fix this for awhile now and i’m at my wits end. The problem is Kodi/XBMC will not auto-start at boot using the script I have used for years, yet if I login as root or use sudo to manually type the contents of the script and execute it runs fine, I can execute the script manually as root and it runs fine, but when I put the script to be called in rc.local (or even the contents of it) it does not auto-start, just sits at a login prompt. I posted the question on /r/Linux last night on reddit and they just removed the post (even though there were other posts asking for help for other things), any input would be greatly appreciated!


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