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Bluetooth 20.04: Device added successfully, but failed to connect

Hi, I use a Bluetooth device that worked with 18.04. Now with the 20.04 version I have the message in the title of this message. I launch a live 18.04

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Unusual errors attaching USB SATA drives

Code: Nov 04 13:35:41 charon udisksd[766]: Error probing device: Error sending ATA command IDENTIFY DEVICE to ‘/dev/sdc’: Unexpected sense data returned:                  

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[kubuntu] Cron: How come cron doesn't recognize sound card

I wrote an Alarm cron job. My cron is below Code: 00 07 * * * export DISPLAY=:0 /usr/bin/audacious /home/user/Music/Gentlebreeze.mp3 But I get this error Code: ALSA error: snd_pcm_open failed:


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