Is this Tlauncher Minecraft launcher safe?

Is this Tlauncher Minecraft launcher safe?


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Many people have same issues with the authenticity of TLauncher. Recently I got a question: “Is TLauncher Safe” or “Is TLauncher a Virus”?

Is the TLauncher Safe to use?

Recently a user on Ubuntu forums writes the below concern about TLauncher:

Hello everybody, I hope y’all doing well! I’m new to Ubuntu, and I have installed this Tlauncher Minecraft launcher.

Upon installing the java version – (there is also a flatpak version) I read the readme file and it said to click on launcher.jar and change to execute it as a program (which I understand, as other java programs ask the same) but it also said in the read me to execute it as root (to prevent graphical glitches?).

Anyhow, I executed once (without root permission) and then I uninstalled it and OpenJDK.

But now I’m scared. Maybe this TLauncher is a virus?

I don’t know..It is a famous alternative launcher and it does have a flatpak on flathub but still… the whole root permission thing was weird.
What are the odds that it infected my machine? Should I wipe my drive and install again? My machine does look normal, but I’m a noob.. How can I tell?

Is the TLauncher Safe – What Ubuntu Users Say:

As cited by many users in the ubuntu forum the Tlauncher is perfectly safe, if it is downloaded from a trusted source.

Is the TLauncher a Virus?

I found this answer on Reddit where people have been saying the Tlauncher is NOT a Virus and is perfectly safe to use.

So, the bottom line of this concern is, if the TLauncher is downloaded from a trusted source it should not be a problem at all.
Many people are already happily using it for years without any issues.

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