Is my motherboard dead?

Is my motherboard dead?


Hi, my computer stopped booting up and I’ve just breadboarded it removing all components including memory and cpu. The standby light comes on but nothing happens when I try powering on via the PC button or bridging the power pins with a screwdriver. I’ve also installed a new CMOS battery. I have tested the PSU with a multimeter and all the connections in that are working fine. I couldn’t test the 8 pin cpu connector on the PSU because the cable on that is just pure black so there are no colours to identify it. It’s a Corsair CX600M and I’m sure if the 24 pin connector is fine the other one will be too. The motherboard is an Asus M5A99FX Pro 2. It has a Direct Key on it which will go straight to BIOS without having to power on so I’m guessing if that doesn’t work and I’m getting no CPU error light or Memory error light on the motherboard that means it’s dead? There is no visible damage but being electronics I doubt there would need to be? It’s the first time I’ve done this so I’m just looking for confirmation or maybe there’s something I’ve missed. Thanks for your time and any advice.


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