Internet and system settings simaltaneously stopped working ubuntu 18.04

Internet and system settings simaltaneously stopped working ubuntu 18.04

Hello, I am running ubuntu 18.04 on a dell latitude 12-5285 tablet, kernel version 5.4.0-42-generic. Yesterday, the internet (ethernet and wifi) was working fine, but when I turned my computer on today, no internet, and no internet icon in the system settings. My internet is working fine for all the other computers on this same network, so I think it’s a computer-specific problem.

So the first thing I tried to do was open up the network settings, but lo and behold, my settings won’t open either. I have tried several methods of opening them:
-click taskbar–>click wrench icon–>nothing happens
-start menu–>type settings–>nothing comes up except gnome-tweaks, which has no internet options
-terminal–>gnome-control-center–>command ‘gnome-control-center’ not found

Unfortunately, I cannot install gnome-control center because I have no internet, hence the circular nature of the problem…

I have tried googling these problems, and found some guides that suggest using systemctl to turn on the internet from the terminal. This seems promising, but I am running into issues there as well. I followed these instructions:…twork-manager/

which worked until I got to: “sudo netplan apply”, which produced:

Failed to start NetworkManager.service: Unit NetworkManager.service not found

I would try to install this service, but again, I have no internet.

Any ideas? Help would be much appreciated. Posting this from my other (windows) computer, which is working fine.

Also, please let me know if you need any additional information


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