Installing Ubuntu isn't going well…

Installing Ubuntu isn't going well…


Hello everyone, thank you for taking the time to read this. I’ve been attempting to install Ubuntu for a couple days now. It’s not going well. The problem is, I find tidbits of advice all over the internet saying ‘try this it worked for me’ and a couple of times I’ve had to completely restore the computer to factory settings because I almost bricked my laptop. So here I am… asking for mercy to get this project over with. My specs on the laptop: HP Omen laptop 15-ek0013dx Intel i7 – 10750H processor 512gb Intel SSD 32gb Intel optane 16gb ddr4 Windows 10 Nvidia GeForce 2060 RTX 6gb vram Bios vendor: AMI Bios Revision: F.01 I’m trying to install Ubuntu 20.04 I’ve tried a lot of different things in quite a few install guides. I’ve tried shrinking the volume and it finally installed, but couldn’t get the grub menu and nothing I did to enable grub, including boot-repair from the live usb fixed that. Currently, I’ve removed the volume created for Ubuntu and have fatory reset everything. If there’s an install guide out there that I haven’t seen that addresses issues that I might run into with my particular laptop, I’d appreciate a pointer to that article as I haven’t found one yet. I’ve installed Ubuntu along side Windows several times before but I’ve never had any issues. This time I couldn’t get Ubuntu to see that I had Windows installed no matter what tricks I tried and the only time it did show up as an option was when I shrank the windows volume and suddenly after reboot Ubuntu saw the Windows installation and allowed me to ‘install alongside Windows’. However, grub was no where to be found and it booted straight to Windows regardless of how many articles…


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