How to setup UFW to allow local Kubernetes ?

How to setup UFW to allow local Kubernetes ?


Hello, I am currently trying to learn Kubernetes and decided to give a try to microk8s. The problem is that I am stuck because my UFW rules are blocking microk8s. I am using a fresh install of Ubuntu 20.04. Bellow are the command I used to setup a VPN kill-switch (Followed this guide:…12b2d90d0cded2) Code: sudo ufw default deny outgoing sudo ufw default deny incoming sudo ufw allow out on tun0 from any to any sudo ufw allow out 1198/udp sudo ufw allow in 1198/udp Right after that, I did install microk8s via snap, install the dashboard and see what is the ip of the dashboard: Code: sudo snap install microk8s –classic –channel=1.18/stable microk8s enable dashboard dns kubectl get all –all-namespaces When I open Firefox to access the dashboard via the IP I see in the output (, it is unable to load the page: “Unable to connect”. I thought the problem must be coming from UFW, so I did temporarily disable the firewall and tried to access the page. Without the firewall enabled, it works fine, I can access the dashboard. Right after that I did some research, I found some post about similar issues. It seems that I should unblock a few ports for Kubernetes, and I did add these rules: Code: $ sudo ufw allow 179/tcp $ sudo ufw allow 4789/tcp $ sudo ufw allow 5473/tcp $ sudo ufw allow 443/tcp $ sudo ufw allow 6443/tcp $ sudo ufw allow 2379/tcp $ sudo ufw allow 4149/tcp $ sudo ufw allow 10250/tcp $ sudo ufw allow 10255/tcp $ sudo ufw allow 10256/tcp $ sudo ufw allow 9099/tcp But that did not help, I am still unable to access the dashboard page if the firewall is active. I also tried adding this rules, but it doesn’t seems to help…


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