How to set the same theme on Ubuntu 20.04 like it was on Ubuntu 18.04?

How to set the same theme on Ubuntu 20.04 like it was on Ubuntu 18.04?

Today I have upgraded Ubuntu 18.04 to Ubuntu 20.04. One of the first things I really don’t like is the theme. I would like to have the same!!! theme like it was in Ubuntu 18.04.

I know I can change theme in Settings application in Appearance and then Light/Standard/Dark, I don’t like non of them. I also installed Tweaks application and in Appearance there are different themes but non of them I like.

I really loved the theme in Ubuntu 18.04, combination of purple and grey.

1. The first thing I don’t like now is boot splash menu is now black, but it was beautiful purple before.
2. I don’t like title bar black – I liked dark grey one.
3. I don’t like black in menus bar.
4. I don’t like terminal background color.

I have learned I can change colour settings in file: ~/.config/gtk-3.0/gtk.css but this is not simple to change, because I don’t know the settings names and values.

So in short, how to get the theme colours in Ubuntu 20.04 the same as they were in Ubuntu 18.04?


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