How to make Ubuntu become front and back end web server 2020

How to make Ubuntu become front and back end web server 2020

Hi folks,
How are you doing?I set up my GNU/ Linux OS from scratch and made it become a LAMP server because I need a server for two things:

FIRST: A server that is running front and back end for a new website that I am developing soon.

SECOND: A server to gather and storage movement data that is received from countless mobile smart devices.

Now, I thought a LAMP server might be a good start. But, how shall I go on? I have the gut feeling, there are countless ways to go on. I could try numerous frameworks for front and/or back end web development. I could also code my front end from scratch using HTML, CSS, JavaScript aso. I could even use different server for front and back end. What won’t you suggest?

How would you design the interaction between mobile and server when you need to send movement data from mobile to store and process it on a server? Any hints?

As I am a embedded software engineer, I am right now quite overwhelmed of the possibilities and find it hard to choose a direction. Any clues on that topic?



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