How to boot from grub? Harddisk failure?

How to boot from grub? Harddisk failure?


So, I have a laptop where I dualboot Xubuntu and Windows 10, but Xubuntu boots by default. But suddenly I get grub command line instead when I boot! I also see that if I boot Windows 10 instead, Windows is unable to shut down the computer, instead it seems to just reboot (so maybe this is a hardware issue?) Using ls in GNU Grub 2.02 I see that I have hd0 and hd0,gpt1-7. And an error: failure reading sector 0x801 from `hd0′. gpt 7 is lost+found and my home directory (my files are still there it seems) ext2 file system gpt6 is /, the root ext2 gpt1-5 is unknown. gpt1 gives the same error message again when using ls (hd0,gpt1), except it is sector 0x802 I was able to start loading the kernel, but then there was something with initframfs (if I remember correctly) I didn’t understand How do I fix this without breaking anything?


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