How to acheive dual boot option

How to acheive dual boot option

H i guys,
Hope this wont sound too silly a question.
A couple of years back I bought a reconditioned Dell laptop with a small (by today’s standards) HD with Windows 10 installed. I had not use for Win 10 at the time to swapped the the HD for a much bigger SSD on which I installed Xubuntu 18 LTS.
I’ve since acquired a drive caddy which allows a second hard drive to be fitted in the slot normally occupied by the optical CD/DVD drive.

Now for the question:
If I put the original HD with Win 10 on into the caddy and run restore or reinstall GRUB would GRUB pick up the unused Windows on the second drive and offer it as a booting option in it’s start up menu? If this is a way to give me a dual boot option can someone please tell me what commands to type in the terminal to achieve this?


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