Grub And Audio problem after fresh install

Grub And Audio problem after fresh install

Hello all!

After several years without using Ubuntu I have decided to give it another try and I have installed version 20.04 in my new HP Spectre x360 15″. However, I am facing two main issues that makes me think about going back to Windows:

1. GRUB menu freezes completely if I have a USB device connected. I only have one USB port so I cannot try with others. This happens with my USB Logitech receiver and me keyboard connected by USB. This does not happen with my laptop fan base. I think the problem is that GRUB messes around these devices and then get frozen. However, the fan base is a “dummy” device so then is ok. Any clue of what I could do to solve this?

2. Audio problems; Speakers do not work, but headphones connected to the jack port do. Also mic seems to record very low. I have done several things like pavucontrol, etc. But the only thing I have done that triggers a difference is the use of “hdajackretask”. I managed to listen two speakers yesterday, though this laptop has 4 speakers and when I did so I “kill” the mic. How do people know which pins needs to be configured to what? Is there a datasheet somewhere?

Thank you in advance and kind regards.


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