Fresh Install of Ubuntu 20.04 will not boot

Fresh Install of Ubuntu 20.04 will not boot

I have been humbled to the dust, and now I have to make my first forum post. Its been a few days and I can’t get this working.

My latptop was running windows 7 and one day started running real slow, so I took that as a sign to switch to full-time ubuntu. I tried installing the default ubuntu, but then it would not boot after I restarted. I thought maybe switching flavors would help (and I wanted to anyway afterwards) so I switched to Ubuntu-Mate. Same problem, so I dug around some more.

I have tried most things posted about how to fix Ubuntu not booting.

I had to reformat my disk because no partitions were even detected during the first install, so now it is currently MBR.

My computer is a DELL XPS L521X, with BIOS version A04. Not UEFI I believe. There aren’t options for “secure boot” and all that, just where to boot from (in terms of boot options).

I booted a live session and ran boot-repair. I will paste the error below.
I currently only have 2 partitions, as the default set up made for me. A FAT16 boot one and then an ex4 one. Both have /mnt/boot as mount points..

I have tried a reinstall once of Ubuntu Mate and had the same problems. Before the reinstall, I tried reinstalling grub but then it booted just to grub, and didn’t detect the operating system.

This could have something to do with RAID which I don’t know much about, or an outdated BIOS, bad partitions…
Currently it just says no bootable disk when I try and boot without the flash drive.
Its got to be something simple, but I just keep missing it. Thanks in advance. I will be happy to provide more output if needed.

(I prefer not reinstalling if possible, it has taken hours even when I don’t download upgrades.)

Last thing, after my last attempt at boot repair my live session won’t detect any WiFi connections. I even plugged in ethernet and couldn’t get it. If anyone knows common problems or tricks to solve that, it will probably be necessary to do any fixes.


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