Focal Fossa updates – unattended upgrades dialog – nothing happens

Focal Fossa updates – unattended upgrades dialog – nothing happens


I’ve recently installed Ubuntu 20.04. The auto updates have been popping up for some time now but considering I’m in no way an expert on Linux and also considering the risk that sometimes the updates break something that’s previously working fine I had been delaying applying them for some time.

However I decided to go for the install a couple minutes ago.

During the process I got a dialog about something called “unattended updates”. With several options tho choose from.

>Keep the package maintaner version
>Keep local version
>Show differences side by side

And a few more.

I chose to show the differences side by side. However nothing more happened and the updates ran normally.

I’ve since checked the /var/history.log and apparently now I’ve got a bunch of “symlinks” and a couple of renamed newer files scattered around.

What the hell just happened to my system? Can someone shed some light into it? I’ve since Googled for an answer but the few that appear are more related to Debian Linux and aren’t of much help.

I’m not very keen of having a system randomly modified when I explicitely chose for the program to show me the differences, hoping that i would then be able to chose if I wanted to apply the update or not.

I’m so not happy that I’m considering a format and a new clean install just for the sake of keeping my computer clean as it were.

Thanks in advance for any input about the subject.


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