Existing OS not recognised by live DVD and Scroll Arrows on Ubuntu

Existing OS not recognised by live DVD and Scroll Arrows on Ubuntu

1. Wanting to install Ubuntu 20.04 on a “new” (refurbished) Lenovo PC with an existing Win 10 installation that I want to keep and be able to select. Installation progresses initially but then tells me no OS has been detected. It has worked out that there are 500MB of files on the 1TB hdd and might allow me to set up a partition in the remaining free space. I am concerned that if I just go ahead on this basis, I won’t get a startup menu allowing me to select Win 10 or Ubuntu.
Is there a simple explanation or do I have a problem? Advice muchly appreciated.
2. I’m rather new at this, having played a little with Ubuntu several years ago, and, more recently have used Mint Cinnamon as a Win 7 replacement on an older 32-bit PC. The Mint-killer (for me) is its lack of scroll bar stepping arrows, together with my inability to follow forum posts well enough to insert them as seems may be theoretically possible. I am sincerely hoping that replacement will be possible in Ubuntu.
Looking forward to the normal helpful response, thank you.


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