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Hard Drive or USB Problem?

I have a computer with 2 USB driver I am starting to get SMART errors on both drives. I find it unusual that two drives would fail at the same

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[xubuntu] coretemp missing, can't complete install of mbpfan on early 2006 MacBook Pro (18.04)

Hi everyone, The title pretty much sums it up: I’m trying to complete the install of mbpfan on my early 2006 MacBook Pro after successfully installing and updating/upgrading Xubuntu 18.04

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[server] TLS Master / Slave replication – Ubuntu 20.04 Mariadb 13.1?

Hi, I have messed around with a lab environment that should be the backend for our powerdns servers. But I can not wrap my head around SSL/TLS replication in mariadb.


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