Different Updates on Multiple Computers

Different Updates on Multiple Computers


I can speculate the answer and have my theories, but perhaps there is a more definitive answer. Priority: -2. I work with an MSI I built, two System 76 Gazelles and a Dell Precision tower, all four have 18.04 on them. I have automatic updates enabled on all. Of the group the MSI is getting a bit old. The automatic updates occur very inconsistently. I get them most on the MSI, which “kind of” makes sense, but the two Gazelles and Tower are fairly new. Sometimes it seems like the update prompts are almost daily, then it will go a week or two before another. What seems odd is I would expect the update deployment to be approximately around the same times for all, and the same packages, but they are not. For example one may get an update that includes python updates, the next day another machine gets a different set that includes mysql server updates, then the third gets docker updates . . . .they are always different, on different days, and different packages. All four machines run the same **approximate** software, they do not have specified purpose. I get that update distribution may come at different times, but can anyone shed any light on the disparity of package distribution?

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