Design and Web team summary – 8th July 2020

Design and Web team summary – 8th July 2020


The web team here at Canonical run two-week iterations. Here are some of the highlights of our completed work from this iteration. Web squad Our Web Squad develops and maintains most of Canonical’s promotional sites like, and more. USNs on Ubuntu security notices can now be found under, bringing a much needed visual refresh. Some pages (LSNs) are still living under but most of the content should now be accessible via the new pages. Social media banner generator All artwork produced and available via the websites were hand created by the designers on the web team. We would like to reduce the time spent here by creating a new tool to generate social media images for marketing purposes for use in social media posts, meta images etc. Brand The Brand team develop our design strategy and create the look and feel for the company across many touch-points, from web, documents, exhibitions, logos and video. Document Hierarchy We shortlisted designs and applied rules to the chosen designs to make a cohesive set of documents to move forward with. Automotive illustrations We created a number of illustrations for the upcoming automotive page refresh in collaboration with the IoT PM’s. Social media banner generator Working in collaboration with the web developers we defined a number of scenarios for the social media banners in order for them to build in the variables for the tool. Snapstore video In this iteration, we sketched up the ideas for the main animation frames of the Snapstore explanation video. Charm Hub We helped the Charm Hub team with some illustration work and experimentation around the Charm Store cards that are currently being updated. Design team icon We were asked to produce an icon for the design team to use across applications we all…


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