How to Create a USB Bootable Ubuntu Live Disk

How to Create a USB Bootable Ubuntu Live Disk


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Looking to make a Live Ubuntu USB disk? then you have arrived at the right place. Here I will provide you direct download link to the Ubuntu ISO image, Linux Live USB Creator application and guide you step by step through the installation process to create a USB bootable Ubuntu Live Disk.

An Ubuntu Live USB will help you boot Linux without installing it on any any machine with a USB port !! Yes, I said any machine. You connect the USB drive, boot into the USB drive and then your logged in to a Linux on the go. Isn’t that amazing?? Not only this; if you want to install that Linux image, you can easily do that from the same Live USB drive. This might be helpful for many such users who need Linux on the go without installing one.

One disadvantage to the Live USB disk is that your changes to the Linux system will be lost. But again, this can be solved by creating a persistent Live Linux image on the USB drive, which probably I will cover in another post.

How to Create a USB Bootable Ubuntu Live Disk

How to Create a USB Bootable Ubuntu Live Disk

Required downloads to create a USB Bootable Live Ubuntu disk:

How to create a Bootable USB Live Ubuntu disk on a Windows Machine:

  1. Download the Ubuntu iso image because that is the primary Ubuntu Linux image that will be used to create a Live Ubuntu USB image. I recommend to download an LTS version of Ubuntu.
  2. Download the Linux Live USB Creator, install the application and open it.
  3. Follow the below steps in sequence to configure:
    STEP 1: Choose the USB drive (termed as a key) where you want to create a Live Ubuntu image
  4. STEP 2: Choose the Ubuntu iso image downloaded in the very first step.
  5. STEP 3: In the PERSISTENCE field, You can set a value higher than 300MB. This space will be used to save any work on a Live Ubuntu image.
  6. STEP 4: Check the Hide created files on key
    Check on the Format the key in FAT32 option
  7. STEP 5: Click on the thunderstorm icon to start the USB Live image making process.

After pressing on the icon, it may take a while to extract the Ubuntu iso image and create a Bootable USB Ubuntu Image. At the end of the process you can see the following text on the STEP 5 of the Linux Live USB Creator application: Your LinuxLive key is now up and ready!

That’s all. The Bootable Ubuntu Live Linux Disk/Drive is ready to be plugged in to any machine and boot.

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    How can you configure it to disable the install to the HDD?

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    Hi Dave.
    Yes you can use this usb live installer for Kali Linux.

  3. Dave
    October 16, 08:01 Reply

    Can i use this usb live installer for Kali linux also

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