MAKE error for GPU BURN – Ubuntu

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Hi Guys, Hope you can help me out with the below problem : I am using the below Multi-GPU CUDA stress test to test out my GPU: Code: [email protected]:~$ nvidia-smi Thu Jul 9 10:32:25 2020 ±—————————————————————————-+ | NVIDIA-SMI 450.51.05 Driver Version: 450.51.05 CUDA Version: 11.0 | |——————————-±———————±———————+ | GPU Name Persistence-M| Bus-Id Disp.A | … Read more

HD errors freezing OS

Hey all! I’ve been struggling with a HD problem that freezes Ubuntu and forces me to button reboot the laptop. It happens a couple times a week and I couldn’t notice any specific pattern (no specific software, nor config change, …). After rebooting, the attached screens are shown, I have to manually run fsck and … Read more

20.04 no scanning

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Hello, I have an HP M277 multi-function connected via network. I can print. I cannot scan. HPLIP 3.20.3 seems to be installed. hp-info, hp-toolbox, hp-setup, hp-scan, all say: error: Unable to locate models.dat file. And: error: No device found that support this feature. XSane find two scanners one via IPv4 an one via IPv6. Choosing … Read more

Make Dash-to-Dock’s corners less rounded

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Hey! As per above, I’m wondering if the Dash-to-Dock panel can have slightly(significantly) less rounded corners. It’s almost straight, but with a very slight curve. I’m looking for the round-ness present in Manjaro(, but I don’t know how to change it. I have dconf installed, so if there’s a setting there that just needs to … Read more