Is this Minecraft Tlauncher safe to Use?

Is Minecraft TLauncher Safe to use on Linux or Windows?

Many people have same issues with the authenticity of the Minecraft TLauncher. Recently I got a question: “Is it Safe to Use TLauncher” or “Is the Minecraft TLauncher a Virus“? And today, I will answer regarding this in this article. I will also refer to some authentic links what people talk on this in different … Read more

Simulate the TurtleBot3

Interested in getting started in robotics? There’s no need to purchase expensive hardware before you try some things out: simulate a TurtleBot3 instead! The simulator is complete with LIDAR, a camera, a gyro and many other sensors and actuators. You can also see this installation in action at the Ubuntu Robotics YouTube channel. Software used … Read more

Is the Video DownloadHelper Companion App safe to install and use in Ubuntu?

Ubuntu Logo

I’m running Lubuntu 18.04 and I have the Firefox addon Video DownloadHelper installed. For some operations, Video DownloadHelper needs me to install their Companion App, which is a separate program that I have to install on my system, there’s a DEB file available. According to the website, the full code of the companion application is … Read more

Cant access System32

Ubuntu Logo

So, I’m pretty new to Linux, correct me if I get anything wrong. I’m using a live version of Ubuntu booted from a USB drive on a computer that I normally run Windows 10 from. I mounted my Windows partition and tried to open the System32 file, but was faced with a ‘this location could … Read more