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How To Add/Remove New User In Linux/Unix

0.0 00 In this article, we will learn to add or remove users and giving them required permissions in Linux or Unix. As these operating systems are multi-user many users

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File Ownership And Permissions In Linux/Unix

0.0 00 Linux and Unix are multi-user operating systems that means different users can access the operating system at a time and can use system resources simultaneously. So the files

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How to Copy Directory in Linux / Unix

0.0 00 If you are looking to copy a directory in Linux using a command line, then here I have explained what command to use to copy a folder in

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How to Create a USB Bootable Ubuntu Live Disk

5.0 01 Looking to make a Live Ubuntu USB disk? then you have arrived at the right place. Here I will provide you direct download link to the Ubuntu ISO

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Some Online Linux Terminal to Learn Linux

0.0 00 Are you looking for some online linux terminals to work with?? Yes, there are some Linux terminals available online which will be helpful for you to learn Linux

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How to Learn Linux Without Having a Linux Machine?

0.0 00 Wondering how to learn Linux without having a Linux PC with you?? Is it really possible or you’re just kidding me?? Trust me it’s all possible and you

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[How to solve] Could not load host key: /etc/ssh/ssh_host_rsa_key issue in FreeBSD or Linux

5.0 01 Sometimes while starting the sshd service you may face some issues like the following: Could not load host key: /etc/ssh/ssh_host_key Could not load host key: /etc/ssh/ssh_host_rsa_key Could not

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How to Unload or Blacklist Module in Linux

0.0 00 Sometimes you need to unload a kernel module to load your own written code or you want to replace an out-of-box stock module to a vendor provided kernel

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How to setup a network bridge in Ubuntu Linux

0.0 00 This post will tell you how to setup a network bridge in Ubuntu. I just cannot guarantee that this will work on all Ubuntu versions but this will

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[SHELL] How to know in which shell you are working in Linux or FreeBSD

0.0 00 There are several ways to know the current shell on which you are working. We will be using some shell commands to know in which Shell you are

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