Setting up PXE Server

Red Hat 8.0 PXE server, etc. on PL2500 Red Hat 8.0 – default custom install First let’s set up date and time as I like accurate logs: vi /etc/ntp.conf server vi /etc/ntp/step-tickers chkconfig –level 2345 ntpd on service ntpd start ntpq -np or ntpq -p Disable ipchains and iptables, pick one of the … Read more

Red Hat 8.0 Custom CD

Since these questions keep appearing on the anaconda-devel list, I decided to start capturing some of them and documenting them here: The following is from Robert Day: comments about the following while i finish the rest of it? **** Overview This is a quick and dirty guide for how to create your own customized Red … Read more

Guided Installation of RedHat 6 on Compaq Smart Array Controller

Step by Step Installation of RedHat 6.0 on a Compaq Server using a Compaq Smart Array Controller RedHat 6.0 (no updates) SmartStart 4.40 PL1600, SA221 2 1GB drives set as Raid 0 (didn’t have bigger drives to test with) This document is under construction. This document walks through an installation I have performed. Information provided … Read more

Proliant 1500 and RedHat 6.2

HW: PL1500 / dual 166MHz E12 8/17/98, 96MB mem, cdrom at id=6 Compaq Original Smart (EISA – SP181132-001) in slot 6 Compaq Netflex-3/P (PCI 169811-002) in slot 7. SW: SmartStart 4.70, RedHat 6.2 ftp install Update System ROM to 8/17/1998 using SP6224.EXE System Erase using any SmartStart CD (used Sys Erase v1.56) 16384 KB OK … Read more

Installing Linux on a Compaq PL2500

My PL2500 will not see all the memory installed… – or – My PL2500 is taking forever to install… If you have one of those two questions, then this document is for you. The Linux won’t autodetect the amount of memory you have on the PL2500 so you will need to declare it. Read on … Read more

Configuring Compaq ProLiant Servers without using SmartStart

Downloads The necessary components can be gathered from the following locations (Choose 1 location from each category.): Sys Erase – Compaq System Erase Utility Download: Disk Builder program which is available on the SmartStart CD-Rom Main Menu of the SmartStart CD-Rom SCU – Compaq System Configuration Utility Download: Disk Builder program which is … Read more

Installing Linux on a Compaq PL4500

The PL4500 is about the only server I can think of that Linux cannot use the embedded SCSI controller. What this means is that the PL4500 will work with Linux, but you will have to put in a controller card that Linux supports. Ok, let’s make it unmistakably clear that: 1) Linux will install and … Read more

Compiling The Linux Kernel

This is the new Kernel Section (May 2001) and at least the kernel building part is finally completed out in a nice looking manner. The old kernel section has needed help for so long that I decided to finally redo the page correctly. Here it is, enjoy! Required Packages Note: The correct required packages will … Read more

Installing Linux on the Compaq Original Smart Array Controller

Identifying a Compaq Original Smart Array Controller A Compaq Original Smart Array Controller can be identified because it will have one of the following numbers on it: Vendor ID Device ID Name Spare # Assembly # Option # 110e 2040 Smart Array Controller (EISA) 142130-001 002969-001 142055-001 110e 2040 Smart Array Controller (EISA) 181132-001 003596-001 … Read more