PL5000 Debian 30.2-6.x

Thanks to Frederik for the following success story: PL5000, 512 MB mem (side note: the PL5000 contains 1 EISA, 2 PCI/EISA, and 5 PCI slots) 4 PPro 200 Smart-2/DH Debian Sarge (testing) For the boot floppy (kernel 2.4.25) I used the following memory string successfully: [email protected] During installation I chose to install the 2.6.5 SMP … Read more

Serial Console in Linux

Use a Null Modem Cable or Laplink Cable Connect the cable between the serial ports of 2 systems. Run minicom, miterm or another terminal program and configure the communications port to use 115200 8 n 1 vt100/vt102. On the other system, set up serial port communications as follows: Enabling Grub Serial Console Support In the … Read more


ks.cfg stuff: // ks-merged-ks.cfg.html – A kickstart that works for 7.2, AS2.1, 7.3, 8.0, and 9 – This generates individual ks.cfg files from the above “merged” kickstart file %pre stuff: ks-pre-sshd.html ks-pre-ntp.html ks-pre-reboot.html %post stuff: ks-commands.html ks-http-put.html ks-reboot.html ks-scu.html ks-useradd.html

How To Add a User During Kickstart

Adding a user during kickstart: /usr/sbin/useradd username /usr/sbin/usermod -p ‘<encrypterd_password>’ <username> Making encrypted passwords: $ openssl passwd -1 Password: secret! $1$ZhEKgpbS$KtmSr63TRqGQ1NcGXCaR01 Openssl only asks once, so you might want to verify the output: (notice the salt is between the second and third $ signs) $ openssl passwd -1 -salt ZhEKgpbS Password: secret! $1$ZhEKgpbS$KtmSr63TRqGQ1NcGXCaR01 Thanks Phil … Read more

Logical Volume Manager (LVM)

I was able to set up a linux volume on RH80 without many problems. I just tried several commands and looked at a couple of man pages and found my way through with no problems. Here’s the steps I took: Install, setup, and configure the hard drive(s): I had 5 raid storage boxes, so I … Read more

Capturing text and images

There are many ways to capture text or images and save them for later (such as for bug reports, etc): Copy/Paste – 3rd mouse button Highlighting with the mouse is the “copy” portion. Then use the 3rd mouse button to perform a paste (be sure to be in “insert mode” in your editor of choice … Read more

Expect Scripts

How to send escape characters through Expect How to send escape characters through Expect Expect Send Function Keys Function Keys, Escape Sequences, in expect Esc+9 send \0339 Esc+A send \033A F9 send ??? Up Down send — “^[\[B” (Please note that the ^[ is the escape character, which is one character, and not … Read more

Applying Compaq EFS and SCO Patches

Installation Order Summary for SCO, SMP, Patches, EFS, and Agents: The SCO operating system is particular about the order software is installed and removed. A SCO 5.0.5 or 5.0.4 system should have its software installed in the following order: SCO (Base Operating System) SCO SMP (Multiprocessing Support) SCO Patches ( Compaq EFS ( Compaq Insight … Read more

Converting / from EXT2 to EXT3 while booted on / (root partition)

Tentative notes for converting / from ext2 to ext3 while booted on /: unmount everything (including /proc …) tune2fs -Ohas_journal /dev/cciss/c0d0p3 (assuming c0d0p3 is your root partition) mount -t ext3 -o remount,rw / / change the root entry in /etc/fstab mount -a mkinitrd /boot/initrd-ext3 2.4.18-3-smp edit grub to point to the new initrd shutdown -r … Read more