Can I Let Windows 10 Go?

Can I Let Windows 10 Go?

Currently experimenting with win10 on kvm and so far very impressed. I dual boot with win10 but hardly use it so looking to go 100% Linux. I currently enjoy a Samsung SSD that, when purchased, I upgraded the firmware using a Samsung utility via windows 10. Eventually I will move to m2 form factor (at the moment nice to have rather then need to have!) and would like to stay with samsung but could go with another supplier. It seems to me many many manufacturers do not support Linux so I could be stuck not being able to update any hardware if I went 100% Linux. So perhaps I need to keep my windows partition(s). If one is 100% Linux and buys say, a year old bit of hardware that has firmware update(s), is there not a big danger that said hardware could not be updated?


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