How to Compile / Build and Run WICED SDK on a WICED Board

How to Compile / Build and Run WICED SDK on a WICED Board


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This topic guides you through how to build / compile and run the WICED SDK on a WICED platform or a WICED Evaluation board. As an example I will take few WICED boards and guide how to compile and flash WICED on these boards.

Required things to flash WICED:

  • A WICED board
  • A Host PC (Windows, MAC or Linux)

How to build / compile an App on WICED SDK for a specific platform:

  1. Move to the 43xxx_Wi-Fi directory from the command line.

    If you have downloaded and installed the WICED-Studio-6.1 then the target directory will be WICED-Studio-6.1/43xxx_Wi-Fi/

  2. Connect the WICED board using the USB cable provided and then install the WICED JTAG drivers provided with the SDK.
  3. Execute the command in following format to build / compile and flash the application to the WICED board you own:
    ./make [apps_category].[application_name]-[platform_name]-[OS_to_build]-[Network_stack] download run

    The actual command will look something like this:

    ./make test.console-CYW943438WCD1-FreeRTOS-LwIP download run


    I will explain the command in detail in a next section by taking example of different applications and different platforms

How to identify which application to build / compile and for what WICED platform:

The WICED SDK is a well-organized piece of code. We just have to understand what is where and that too for once.

Following is the base directory path for the core WICED SDK code: WICED-Studio-6.1/43xxx_Wi-Fi/. From now on, I will be referring this directory as WICED SDK base directory.

All of the below directory references that I am going to make are with respect to the above WICED SDK directory.

Understanding the WICED build / compile command:

To understand what command to execute to build / compile a certain app for your WICED board, lets see the above command that I have mentioned to execute:

./make [apps_category].[application_name]-[platform_name]-[OS_to_build]-[Network_stack] download run

Under the WICED SDK, there is a directory called apps which contains many application categories such as: demo, test, snip etc. This is the apps_category.

which application to build / compile:
Under the test directory you will see many applications such as: console, mfg_test, iperf_app etc. This is the application_name.

Which WICED platform to build / compile for:
For a WICED board, you can get the platform name from the board itself. See the below images from the gallery to know the actual platform_name to use.
For instance IO have used three WICED boards: CYW954907AEVAL1F, CYW943455EVB_02 and BCM943438WCD1

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”2″ gal_title=”WICED Platform Name”]

What OS and Network stack to build / compile:
If I am not wrong, WICED supports, ThreadX-NetX, ThreadX-NetX_Duo and FreeRTOS-LwIP OS and network stack combination.
We can build / compile for any of the above combo.

So, lets compile the Test Console application for all of the platforms above with FreeRTOS-LwIP combo.
Below is the command that you have to execute to build the Test-Console application:

for CYW943455EVB_02 WICED board:

./make test.console-CYW943455EVB_02-FreeRTOS-LwIP download run

for CYW954907AEVAL1F WICED board

./make test.console-CYW954907AEVAL1F-FreeRTOS-LwIP download run

for BCM943438WCD1 WICED board

./make test.console-BCM943438WCD1-FreeRTOS-LwIP download run

Similarly, if you want to build / compile WICED with some other application, let’s say: snip-scan application, you can execute the following command (here I am taking the CYW954907AEVAL1F platform for example):

./make snip.scan-CYW954907AEVAL1F-FreeRTOS-LwIP download run

Things to remember:

Not all applications are available for all of the platforms. For example, wifi_onboarding demo app is not available for CYW954907AEVAL1F platform.

When you build / compile the wifi_onboarding app:

./make demo.wifi_onboarding-CYW954907AEVAL1F-FreeRTOS-LwIP download run

you will get the following error: No rule to make target.

That’s all for now.
Login to leave a reply if you face any problem building or compiling an application for your WICED platform on the WICED SDK.

For more how-to guides, stay tuned to the WICED posts for how-to guides.

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