Bodhi 5 And Nvidia 6150se Graphics

Bodhi 5 And Nvidia 6150se Graphics

I have finally found a Ubuntu-18-based distro that works for these rather ancient on-board graphics, which I am now using due to my video card dying. Previously, I could only get Ubuntu-16-based distros to work, and then only if I installed the Nvidia 304 driver. It appears impossible to install that driver on systems later than Ubuntu 16. Nvidia stopped supporting it after kernel 4.4, and Ubuntu 18 and downstream distros no longer have the necessary dependencies. The only still-supported systems I could get working were Ubuntu 16.04 and Linux Lite 3.8. the problems involved open-sourced drivers being problematic for 6150se graphics, causing display crashes, browser problems, etc.

Now, I have finally found a distro that works with open-sourced drivers and this 12 year old Gateway desktop. However, I did have to disable hardware acceleration in Vivaldi. This was hard to do, as there was screen tearing, so I couldn’t find the box to uncheck for this. I finally did so by choosing the “show all” option in Preferences. This allowed me to sneak up on the relevant section, so to speak. As soon as I unchecked the acceleration box, Vivaldi settled down and has been perfect ever sine. As has Bodhi 5.

I post this in case anyone else is using a system with these graphics, and has run up against the Ubuntu-18 “barrier.” Bodhi 5 is supported until 2023, and who knows, Bodhi 6 may also work, when it comes out. Just remember to disable hardware acceleration.

I know of no other DE that is light enough to be compatible in this situation. And it’s also beautiful and very fast. It has quickly become my favorite Linux distro. I plan to put it on a SSD soon. It should be blazingly fast then. It’s quite respectable now even on an old HDD.


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