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What are LEX programs? How to write them?

LEX programs are used in “Lexical analysis” of the input stream, which is to break the input stream into usable and meaningful elements. The job of a lexical analyzer is

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Implementing SMTP Protocol in Python (Amazon Price Tracking bot)

In the last post I started working on a bot that would track live prices from the Amazon server and would send a mail to the user indicating the price

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How to Print files in Linux Using Command Line

Printing a file is one of the basic functionalities provide by the linux operating system, rather than just printing a file its provides us with a variety of options like

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How to Build an Amazon Price Tracking Bot to know Price Drops

This post was last updated on March 1st, 2020 at 01:07 amHave you ever missed a good deal on a product just because you didn’t know about the discounts being

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How to make files Hidden in Linux

Linux provides us the functionality to hide the files for security as per user preference, users can easily hide files by using some simple command or even use GUI for

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Script to delete files in Linux

Linux is a powerful operating system, it consists of various tools which can be utilised by the user to achieve maximum efficiency in his/her work routine. Linux provides user with

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Script to Make an Instagram Bot to get Followers

Backstory: So last week during my internship one of the work assigned to me was to go and follow some random profiles on Instagram through the company’s page. You might wonder why