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What are the components required to setup your own mail server?

While setting up a new website you probably want to set up a mail server to handle the incoming and outgoing emails. A mail server is a complex system that

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Using uniq command in Linux

Linux provides various tools to work with text files. The uniq is a command used to detects and deletes duplicate lines in a file. This can be very helpful to

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How to increase the disk size of virtual machine on KVM?

Kernel-based virtual machine or KVM is a virtualization module in the Linux Kernel which turns the Linux kernel into a hypervisor. By using KVM you can easily create, manage and

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Using basename command in Linux

The basename command is useful if the full path name of a file is given but you require only the file name. It is used to strip the directory and

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Using fc command in Linux

The fc is a command  used to list, edit and re-execute a command that was previously executed on a system. It is a shell built-in command that is present in

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Using atrm command in Linux

The atrm command is used to remove specified jobs in a system. These jobs are scheduled using at or batch command. The job id is passed as the argument to

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Using at command in Linux

The at is a command-line utility that is used to schedule a task to run automatically at a particular time in the future. For example, you can schedule a mail

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Using GNU bc (basic calculator) in Linux terminal

The bc or basic calculator is a command-line utility and language that supports arbitrary numbers with interactive execution of statements. It has a syntax that is similar to the c

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Using fmt command in Linux

The fmt command in Linux is used to format each paragraph of a text file. You can manually format the text of a small file but what if the file

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Using tree command in Linux

The tree is a command which is available for both Linux and Windows. It recursively displays the content of directories on your system. If this command is used without an