[all variants] 'True' hybrid-suspend / suspend-to-both / suspend-and-hibernate?

[all variants] 'True' hybrid-suspend / suspend-to-both / suspend-and-hibernate?

I have hibernate working, and I can also trigger ‘true’ hybrid-suspend from the command line or my power menu, but I want to configure Ubuntu 20.04 to hybrid-suspend when idle rather than just suspend or hibernate.

When I say ‘true’ hyrbrid-suspend I mean ‘true’ hybrid-sleep, suspend-and-hibernate, suspend-to-both, where my desktop will suspend and hibernate at the same time – if it has power when I turn it back on it will resume from RAM, if not it will resume from disk. There is some confusion around this as hybrid-sleep is sometimes used to refer to suspend-then-hibernate, suspend first and hibernate after a set period of time, and why the former, and my desired setup, is often denoted ‘true’.

There are several articles explaining how to do this, like How to Use Hybrid Suspend in Ubuntu but that method references a directory that does not exist:



Similarly, How do I use pm-suspend-hybrid by default instead of pm-suspend? has a section for 18.04 but reports:


In the hybrid-sleep mode, the hibernate part gets effective only when the battery is critically low and the system shuts down.

Whereas I want it to suspend to both from the beginning. In the same post there is a section for 16.04 which references hybrid-sleep but it has already said that hybrid-sleep but as quoted this hybrid-sleep will only hibernate when the battery is critically low.

How can I set this up please?


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