After Ubuntu 20.04 upgrade getting errors when trying to connect with Samba

After Ubuntu 20.04 upgrade getting errors when trying to connect with Samba

I’ve just upgraded one of the boxes in our home network from Ubuntu 18.04 to 20.04, and when we tried to connect to the Samba shares from the other Ubuntu box (still at 18.04), we got the error “Failed to retrieve share list from Server: Invalid argument”. We got the same error when trying to connect to the box from itself via Samba. The box appears in Nautilus Other Locations (both directly and via the Windows Network/Workgroup group), but clicking on it produces this error. Trying to connect to the box directly via it’s IP address produces the same error. I checked all of the shares on the box in Nautilus and they all appear to be good. The shares are set up to allow anonymous read and write access, because they can only be accessed from within the home network.

We have been able to connect to the server from our android devices with no problems; ironically it is only the ubuntu-ubuntu connections that are having this issue.

Looking around for solutions on the web, I saw a suggestion to add the line “client max protocol = NT1” to my smb.conf file for a similar (but not exactly the same) issue, which I tried, but all that did was change the error to “Failed to retrieve share list from Server: Connection timed out”, which was returned immediately, when connecting from the other Ubuntu box.

Can anyone help me out here? As this is the file server for the household, we really need file sharing from this box to be working (and I’m also reluctant to upgrade the other box until I’ve fixed this, as I also do a lot of file-sharing to and from it as well).


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