7 Steps of Machine Learning

7 Steps of Machine Learning


Machine learning is an area of high interest among tech enthusiasts. Viewed as a branch of artificial intelligence (AI), it is basically an algorithm or model that improves itself through “learning” and, as a result, becomes increasingly proficient at performing its task. The applications of machine learning are widespread as it is fast becoming an integral part of different fields such as medicine, e-commerce, banking, etc. Today, we would break down machine learning as a process and understand the steps involved from its inception to its practical application. The process of machine learning would be broken down in the 7 steps listed below. In order to illustrate the significance and function of each step, we would be using an example of a simple model. This model would be responsible for differentiating between an apple and an orange. Machine learning is capable of much for complex tasks. However, in order to explain the process in simplistic terms, a basic example is taken to explain the relevant concepts. Step #1: Gathering Data For the purpose of developing our machine learning model, our first step would be to gather relevant data that can be used to differentiate between the 2 fruits. Different parameters…  


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